Ananas ... sweet home

Cottages - Cabins - Camping in Sibiu - Cisnădioara / Michelsberg - Romania


The campsite, the cottages Lucia, Jakob, Michael and Yvonne, as well as the cabins can be located by using the coordinates below.

Please select the GPS position format you are used to:
N 45° 42‘ 26,0“ E 024° 06‘ 19,2“
N 45° 42,43' E 024° 06,32'
N 45,70722° E 024,10533°

On the map you'll find the location of the campsite. You approach the site via Strada Pinului:

Enlarge Map

The cottages Lara, Nicolai and Doru are situated on a neighbouring site with own access via Strada Bisericilor. The GPS coordinates in the commonly used position formats are:
N 45° 42‘ 18,0“ E 024° 06‘ 21,9“
N 45° 42,30' E 024° 06,36'
N 45,70500° E 024,10608°

Besides travelling with your own vehicle you may wish to travel to Sibiu, resp. Camping Ananas in Cisnădioara by bus, train or airplane.
For your travel planning we have collected some more information and links for these alternatives.
Locally you are flexibel using public transport, rented cars or taxis. Therefore here also some additional information and links:


Costs are similar for all travel agencies i.e. Dusseldorf - Sibiu tour-retour journey for 200 Euro. Up to 80 % discount for children.


For single travelers more expensive than by bus - advantageous for families. Sleeping cars from Vienna (reservations mandatory!).

Sibiu - Cisnădioara.
Departure Sibiu train station: during the day hourly or so.
Departure Cisnădioara: during the day hourly or so.
Ticket price just under 2 €/Person


Tarom: Munich - Sibiu, ca 360 Euro
Carpatair: Munich / Dusseldorf / Stuttgart - Sibiu
BlueAir: Stuttgart - Sibiu
Lufthansa: Germany - Sibiu



Cisnădioara - Sibiu city centre
ca 8 EUR (ca 60 Cent / km)